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(Jonathan Ballinger)

I create copy that your audience will love

(read along with me, and consider the benefits as we go)

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Increase sales

An engaged audience

Imagine along with me for a while: What could you do if you had an audience that’s receptive to what you’re offering?

What if you had a group of people who are only too happy to sign up to your email list and, more than that, are actively communicating with you every time you email them?

Wouldn’t that make your life easier?

Just think, you’ll have an audience that is
  • Eager to sign up
  • Happy to engage with you
  • Excited to buy your offering

Division of labor that suits you

I’ll work with you to ensure that your experience is as good as it gets.

You and I will figure out if we’re a good fit before any work gets done, so get in touch.

Your risk is minimal, and you have everything to gain.

Available deliverables
  • Any research required
  • Copy that can be dropped into your email marketing system
  • Web ready copy tailored to your Content Management System
  • A done-for-you service is available

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Delivered in YOUR voice

As a business owner, there’s not much worse than delivering content to your audience that doesn’t sound or feel like you.

It’ll alienate your audience and cost you time and money. You don’t want that. I don’t want that.

You’ll know if it feels off, and so will your audience. This is why I’ll match the copy to your desired voice and tone (and we’ll work together until it really does feel like yours).

Your audience will recognise you
  • No alienation of your existing audience
  • Content you can be proud of
Satisfaction guaranteed: I’m not happy until both you and your audience are happy

All of the above condenses down to: I write copy that will increase your sales

It may read like a bold claim (pun fully intended).

Think about it, we’re going to work together until you’re happy with what I deliver. Not only that, we’re going to work together until your AUDIENCE is happy with what I deliver.

The only possible result of that is an increase in your bottom line, the end result of which is that everyone is happy.

You’re happy because you’re making more money.

Your audience is happy because you’re letting them know exactly what your offering is, how it benefits them, and allowing them to see that they need it.

I’m happy because ultimately, I want a long, fruitful working relationship with you.

I want you to be happy

What if it really doesn’t work out?

If we get to the point where we’re working together, it’s because we’ve both agreed that we’re a good fit. I don’t take on just anyone as a client, you know!

So if we’re working together, that means that you thought I was a good fit for your requirements, and I thought you were a good fit for mine. That means that “not working out” shouldn’t really be happening. If it does end up not working out, I have you covered.

In the unlikely outcome that it just doesn’t work out, and I am unable to provide copy that boosts your bottom line, increases your audience, and generally makes everyone happy, you’ll get a full refund.

I’m confident that it won’t come to refunds.

Should you hire me?

Sure, if you’ve reached this point and you’re feeling good about it, reach out and we’ll check for fit.

You may want to see more of my writing. In which case, feel free to review some of my library.

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Remember that we both need to be right for each other. That means a “Hell yes!” not a “Mmm…” or an “Eh, maybe?!”

Don’t worry, you’ll know it when it happens. This needs to be the easiest decision you’ll make.

Still have questions? Or maybe you’re considering hiring me?

Reach out to me